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ADL Roofing Supplies manufacture a range of ridges in Glass Reinforced Cement, a material with a high strength to weight ratio. GRC consists of cement, sand, special additives and is reinforced with AR glass fibres. The ridges are pigmented throughout and coated with a water based paint to create a uniform finish.

The ridges are designed to resemble clay and as such are offered as a low cost alternative.


Available in following angles 90, 105, 115 and 125 degrees. Standard colours are Anthracite, Terracotta, Brown, Buff. The ridges have a nominal length of 450mm.


Available in the same range as Capped Angle ridges.


Our range of decorative ridges is as follows.

  • 3 Hole
  • Club
  • Cocks Comb
  • Fleur-de-Lys
  • Roll Top
Roof ridge 3 hole Roof ridge club Roof ridge cocks comb
Roof ridge fleur-de-lys Roof ridge roll top Roof ridge no known

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