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ADL Roofing Supplies manufacture a range of specialised ventilation products.

Air Vents

Most makes of roof tiles and ridge can be converted to a vent. These are used to ventilate the roof space and prevent condensation, or alternatively can be connected to soil pipes or mechanical extractors. Tiles are produced with a 110mm spigot pipe; ridges are supplied with or without an aluminium adaptor.

Roof vent ridge type 1 Roof vent ridge type 2

Gas Vent ridge

Our range of gas vents are Gas Council approved for use with a gas appliance with a maximum output of 60kw. The terminals are suitable for use with most types of gas appliance but not living flame or coal effect fires. The gas vent ridge terminals sit in the ridge line and are connected to the flue by means of suitable adaptors. Our terminal comes with a rectangular aluminium outlet as standard.

Roof gas vent ridge

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